Think Bigger


We would like to thank those of you who take the time to read our blogs each week. Ever since we started, our prayer was and is that everyone who reads our post may be touched in a positive way. Our prayer is to reach as many people as possible by sharing our experiences. We don’t pretend to have it all together by no means, however, we do enjoy sharing with the world our journey thus far. 

We love to challenge ourselves to be positive thinkers. With so much hate and negativity in our society today, it’s easy to follow the trend of being negative. A way we are currently challenging ourselves is to train our mind to see beyond our present situation. Have you ever sat down and thought about all your goals and dreams? When God speaks to us through His Word, there shouldn’t be any room for fear or doubt because God was the one who gave us that crazy idea in the first place. The enemy will try to discourage and distract you from doing so, to make you believe your dreams are too big.

Ephesians 3:20-21 says “20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” We often try to limit ourselves and we put our goals and dreams in a bubble because we think 'there is no way God can make this work’ God is a dreamer. He is a big thinker. His desire is for us to believe for GREATER things and to use the talents He gave us for His glory and honor. 

Think and dream the impossible for your own personal life, marriage, finances, family, church, ministry, business, children and anything else that surrounds you because believing and thinking BIG will change your perspective. Quickly, you will start to realize that there is nothing impossible for God even your BIG dreams. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

What A Weekend!

Hello everyone! We pray you had a great Easter weekend with your family and friends celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! As you can see in the images below, we had a very busy weekend. Lots of work, but it was ALL WORTH IT! We will be back next week! Please let us know if there is anything you'd like for us to talk about! We'd love your recommendations! Be blessed!


Images taken by: Ashley Acosta - Instagram: @nelizphotography and Javier Carrion - Instagram: @javi.images


“I’m right & You Are Wrong.“

“Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time.”.jpg

“I’m right and you are wrong.“ Sounds familiar? Let’s be honest, we all have heated moments in our marriage or relationship where we end up in an argument. It is not something we are proud of, but it is reality and it happens. Having differences in a relationship is healthy, however, when respect is lost that’s when the line is crossed. It is not about having arguments because we will have them, it is knowing how to handle the argument and not letting it control our emotions. 

We got married as young adults 22-24 years of age. Although we were considered adults, we found ourselves with childish ways when it came to listening to each other, which led to us communicating as though we were two teenagers. We became pros at the shouting match, who had the last word and the most painful of them all the SILENT TREATMENT… Just thinking about it is painful. We really let pride get in the way of finding a resolution to our conflict.

An area that has been challenging for us has been understanding each of our family’s culture and dynamic. We were raised differently as we have stated before. Spending quality time with our families was differently defined depending on which house you were in. There’s usually a misunderstanding because we can unintentionally expect for the spouse to adapt quickly to our family’s ways of doing life together. Having to plan out every detail on how to split time between our families was exhausting. We had to figure out the length of time we were gonna be with one family to be able to make it on time to the other family’s event. You can just imagine the back and forth we would have. By the Grace of God, we’ve been able to do better in this area. Our families have gotten to know each other more over the years and we’ve done a better job of being intentional about how we interact with them.

Another area of challenge was finance. Finances in a relationship will always be a sensitive topic because let’s face it, financial management is the key to having stability, which is important and for most people, it can produce security in the relationship. We were young and did not understand how to have a balance with “needs and wants”. Many times we found ourselves purchasing items that were “wants” and were not necessarily something we can afford. Arguments were inevitable at that point because we would have no money in the bank due to a “want” and not a “necessity.” Over the years we learned the significance of communicating with each other before a purchase, big or small. This avoided conflict because there was a mutual understanding of where the money is being spent.

We are not claiming to have all the answers on how to avoid arguing, but here are a few things that we have learned over time and through marriage counseling. We’ve learned to:

  • Be honest and use reflective listening
  • Focus on the problem, not the person
  • Use “I feel” statements
  • Know when to take a timeout
  • Work toward a resolution
  • Put every detail in prayer 

Moving forward, before you quickly go on a tantrum and start saying things you will regret later, analyze the problem and sit down with one another to talk about how you as a couple can find a resolution. It’s all about how much work you want to put in. Be encouraged this week. 

“Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time." -Dr. Julie Gottman 

“When we pray regularly, irregular things happen”

%22when we pray regularly, irregular things happen%22.jpg

We thought we would share some of our favorite bible verses that have touched us through certain seasons in our lives. 

John 16:33: I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Joshua 1:9: This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Psalms 139:2-4: You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord.

Psalms 143:10: Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.

We hope theses verses bless you and encourage you. Its good to know that we can always put our hope and our trust in God. 

As a family, it’s important that we take at least one day out of the week to come together in prayer and seek God’s presence. There is something special that happens when we are united spiritually. Prayer can make your marriage and family stronger. When you pray together, you are inviting God into your relationship. If there is one key ingredient for a successful relationship it is God as the foundation. Praying for one another is also important. It connects you emotionally because when you intercede for your spouse out-loud in front of each other, it allows for an intimate moment to occur spiritually. It can take your relationship to new heights. Pastor John Lindell, who we greatly admire, said it best, “when we pray regularly, irregular things happen.” The more we practice this, you allow for a spiritual break-through that your marriage or family has been seeking.

If you want to leave any prayer requests, please list them bellow. Count on us to lift you up in prayer.

Appreciate The Little Things


When was the last time you were appreciative about the things in your life? A new job, a new house, a new degree, waking up in the mornings? These are just a few wonderful things to appreciate! Although these accomplishments are an obvious cause for celebration, we want to magnify those things we may overlook, the simple things in life.

We live in a fast-paced world. We all have our daily routines. Often times, when we get caught up in our busyness we tend to forget the little things. It can be easy to focus on the “next” thing rather than being present. This usually creates anxiety, worries and it can produce negative thoughts. This year, we want to appreciate more.

We want to share 3 ways we believe can help one be more appreciative: 

  • Start with saying thank you. Saying thank you for everything no matter how big or small it is. When we learn to be thankful we are practicing having a heart of gratitude. 
  • Being grateful for the loved one that surround you. Be grateful for the family that you have and for your friends that are there for you. Don’t take these people for granted. Always let them know how much they mean to you. 
  • Volunteer work. Giving back of your time to volunteer in your community can go a long way. This makes you reflect on your own life and will allow you be thankful for all you have and for God’s provision. 

These are just some of the ways that can help us appreciate life a little more and be grateful.

By the way, we are thankful and we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts weekly. We hope they continue to encourage you. 

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”

- Kurt Vonnegut

Discover Your Love Language


Discovering your love language might sound perplexing; as the idea of love having a language seems impossible. Love is Love…. right? Let me explain:

The month of February is coming to a close as valentines seems to consume the month of February with hearts and chocolate (which we love), but its understanding what exactly we are celebrating. Everyone, whether single or married, all have a love language that defines what makes us feel complete. Keep reading to find out what love means to you and your spouse. We hope to challenge you and your spouse to commit to taking a quiz linked below and find what makes your love tank grow. Loving someone, especially your spouse, is hard work when you do not understand how to love him/her. We guarantee this test will change your relationship for the best! You got this! Take the quiz by clicking the link below:

So we hope that you took on the challenge. Wasn’t it interesting? When we first took the test, it gave us more clarity on what kind of love we needed from each other. Isn’t it interesting that what fills our love tank could be the very least thing that fills our spouse’s love tank? Lets break this down so we have a clear perspective of how this quiz can benefit your relationship. When two people come together we have to understand we are two entities merging to be one. That means baggage from our past, stages in life that developed who we are today and knowing how we want to be loved. 

Think about it for a second. Maybe one of you requires words of affirmation, and the other needs physical touch. Not understanding this can cause a disconnect. 

Meeting the expectations of our spouse’s love language requires a level of sacrifice. Their needs may not equate to your needs. The love language test will give you the ability to learn how to love each other best. As a young couple, we struggled with this in our marriage. Over the years, as we evolved, we’ve had to retake the test because our needs can change overtime. We all need love. If we can understand how to love someone, our love tank will always be full and we won’t feel like we are missing something. 

1 John 4:7 (NIV) says, “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” Love is a powerful thing. As we approach the end of February, let’s bring love with us the rest of the year.

Have a blessed week! Please comment and share this post!

You Still Got Time!


We are less than 10 days from the month of March. How are we still doing on our New Year’s resolutions? Did we forget about them already? Let’s be honest, usually the month of January is a trial month. February is usually when we take it more serious. For others, they realized the commitment was too hard so they figured it was easier to give up.

If you’ve set resolutions and goals this year and you feel like you are not really being committed to it, don’t give up. We all have new things we want to work on. We’ve learned to tackle life one day at a time. It’s much easier to invest all your time and energy on today rather than being disappointed about what you did or didn’t do a few days, weeks or months ago. We’ve been there before. The point is not how many days in a row you can do something. The important thing is to be CONSISTENT. You were probably eating healthy all week long, then you found yourself in someone’s party or you went to the mall, and you couldn’t resist that ice-cream because it just looked so good (we know what that feels like, we’ve been guilty of that many times before). 

Maybe your resolution was not being more healthy. It was probably being more productive or maybe it was being a better friend, husband, wife, relative. Whatever it was, don’t give up on it. Keep working on it. The more you work on it and invest time on it, you will see the difference. Of course we are going to have days where we are going to fail because we are not perfect. God gave us the gift of having 24 hours in a day. If you didn’t have a good day, it’s ok. Learn from it and make it a better day tomorrow. The enemy sometimes tries to distract us from our goals by trying to play games with our minds. 

Something we’ve been trying to be better at is putting everything on schedule, so we can be intentional about our time. We try to take a few minutes on Sunday or Monday to plan out our entire week. We encourage you to keep working on your goal. You still got time!

What was the best date night you’ve ever had?

So it’s Valentine’s Week! Valentine’s Day is just two days away and we thought of  doing something different for this week’s post. We wanted to ask you what was your best date night you’ve had with your spouse or significant other? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to know!

What was our best date night? This is a hard one because we love to travel and love to go on adventures and we’ve had the privilege of visiting lots of places around the world and share memories together. When we discussed this question, we mutually agreed that our best date night so far was on Sunday, February 23, 2014 in Chicago. 

We were celebrating our 2nd year anniversary and decided to take a roadtrip to Chicago, during the cold winter, and spend 4 days in the city. We arrived Thursday evening. We knew it was cold, but we managed to make the best of it. We went to eat deep-dish pizza at Giordano’s, visited the Willis Tower, saw Phantom of the Opera on broadway, went ice-skating in front of the famous “bean” at Millennium Park as snow came down. The next morning we woke up early and went to the famous United Center to catch a Chicago Bulls game. That evening, to end it on a high-note (literally), we had dinner at The Signature Room at the 95th floor of the John Hancock building. The table was decorated with flowers and candles, we sat near a window overlooking the beautiful city at night and we just enjoyed ourselves. Very romantic evening to say the least. 

This trip will be forever memorable in our lives. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable. This isn’t the norm every year. We knew we wanted to do something really special a few months before and we acted on it. In a society where we often live a very fast-pace life, it’s important we stop and reflect on how blessed we are by not just what God has given us, but by who He’s put on our side to do life with. 

Go and make more memories!

Know Your Role


Saying "I do" is more than loving the person physically and emotionally. There is power in that commitment. It is loving them and supporting them through every season in life.

Kevin - I always had the desire to go to school and prepare myself. I enrolled in two different schools in Orlando but it never worked out for whatever reason. At the time, I didn’t understand why, so it was disappointing. I began to work full-time. When Tiffany and I started talking about getting married, our first intention was to get married and continue working. It seemed like the right and obvious thing to do, but school was still in my heart. That's when we decided to sit down and have a conversation about our future. I expressed to her that I felt God was calling me to go to school. Tiffany was already enrolled in school finishing her BA.

Tiffany – I was one semester shy of graduation when I got married, spring 2012. I was so excited to graduate with my BA and continue my master’s degree. Kevin and I had agreed to this plan as he would continue working full-time and I would finally accomplish the dream of finishing school since I had put my education to the side for a while. I remember getting invited to a women’s conference in the fall of 2011. As it came to a close, a woman approached me and prayed for me. As she prayed, she revealed seeing me study in a different state and that God would lead me on this journey. Talk about being confused…Why would I study in another state if I was currently enrolled in school? My thoughts exactly! I never shared this with Kevin because I did not know what it meant. Months later, Kevin shared with me a desire to go study in another state…The word I received was for us as a couple not just me! I’m so thankful for the detailed-God we serve!

Kevin - Moving away taught me so many things, but among them was supporting each other. While enrolled in school full-time and working part-time, Tiffany had a lot of alone time. After a while, this can get tough. The only time we had for each other was after 5pm if I didn’t have any school related activities that particular evening. I have to say that through my school journey, what really helped me get through it was the support of my wife and I am grateful for that. It was her constant encouragement that gave me strength. I tried to involve her as much as I could with my school projects. Without any hesitation she supported me.

Tiffany- Our original plans changed in a matter of weeks. We had decided Kevin would study in a university located in the mid-west. As his wife, I felt the responsibility to support my husband’s dreams. Although I was excited for him and the new changes for our life, I still had to deal with my own dreams and goals. I was going to put my plans aside to support my husband’s four-year college degree. This wasn’t the easiest thing to accept for me, but it was necessary to show my spouse I would support him in anything he desired to accomplish. We decided to take turns with school. Once we moved, he became the student and I would be his study buddy! Some days were harder than others since I saw many of my friends in my cohort continue their education. It seemed like everyone was doing what I had hoped to do, but God always comforted me during those days. He would remind me of the blessing I could be to my husband during this new season. We only had each other, and I wanted my husband to thrive in his dreams. My greatest job was supporting him.

Do you and/or your spouse have goals and dreams? One of the best things to do is to sit down with one another, or go get ice cream together (our favorite date night) and talk about those dreams and goals. There is nothing better in life than two people willing to support each other. In life, seasons are always changing. So we have to always adapt to them. And part of adapting to a situation is knowing how we can be our spouses’s biggest supporters. To be honest, we struggled understanding this in the beginning. God helped us through it. It's an amazing thing when we can support each other's dreams. It makes life much more enjoyable and happier. That's why we can call each other best friends. 

The Value of Money For Newlyweds


We quickly realized the comfortable lifestyle we once had before we were married was not going to be our reality in this season. Truth is when two worlds come together as one; things have to change. Change is not always fun, but it’s necessary. Living in a new state, college and new jobs with pay cuts were new challenges we had to face as a young couple.


Many times, we found ourselves low on money for serval reasons. Being transparent, we can say we weren’t used to living on a budget for two! As individuals, we all have essential needs. The question is where is the line drawn? Well, we drew that line pretty fast when we saw our money disappear faster than it came in. Prayer and budgeting tools helped us align our finances. We had to accept that although we were in a season of preparation and change in Missouri we had to adult and be responsible. Shopping at thrift stores became a normal, date night consisted of Tuesday night’s $1.50 movies at the theatre and eating out less in the week days.


Our lives shifted so much from when we lived in Orlando, but although we weren’t making a lot of money in Missouri God made a dollar go a long way once we changed our ways. We did more traveling in the Midwest than we ever thought with the little money we were making. We never once went hungry, bills were always on time and tithing was never a question.


When you put God at the center of everything in your life, including your finances, what seems impossible, God makes it possible. It may seem like an obvious lesson, but when you find yourself at your last dollar, you question if you’re being a good steward of your money and believe it or not, the way you handle your finances is a way of you honoring God. Despite the circumstances we went through, we would never change anything about it because it taught us how to make the most of what God put in our hands. 


Is there an area in your life that you’re not being a good steward of? It doesn’t have to be finances, it could be anything. We challenge you to present it to God and ask him to shift things and teach you how manage whatever that THING is. Almost six years married we still don’t have everything figured out in life because we change and evolve daily, and our circumstance change as well. It’s about adjusting and being consistent with wanting to always be better.


We commit to stand in the gap for you and pray God helps you with whatever area in your life needs alignment.

Change Your Perspective

IMG_0429 (1).jpg

Let me bring you up to date! Our last post shared our experience from Florida to Missouri in 2012. Keep reading for today’s post!

So let us explain our living situation in Springfield a little more in depth. When we felt God call us to move in November of 2011, we took a trip to visit the school and we knew our best option for housing would be the school apartments for married couples on campus. We put our names on the waiting list and they told us it could take up to two years for our names to reach the top. They gave us a tour of one of the apartments and it so happens that the tour guide lived in the apartment that was shown to us. As we walked inside the 500 square foot, one bedroom apartment with yellowish walls, dim lighting, a small kitchen with dark wooden cabinets, we were a little shocked. We remember the bath tub was chipping paint, it seemed it had been painted by hand a few times. The shower head was detached from the wall. We remember it had a particular smell…like an old library. As we exited the apartment, the tour guide informed us that particular apartment #7 was the only renovated aparment, mind you the building was built in the 70s. It definitely wasn’t our dream place as newlyweds. However, we both looked at each other and said lets pray God gives us #7. I couldn’t imagine what the other apartments conditions were like. Let’s face it, we were newlyweds, living off-campus with a high rent, 6 months away from moving, what were the odds of us getting that newly renovated apartment at the school? The rent at the school was $300 a month with everything included. We couldn’t let that pass by. Once again, we put this situation in prayer and 8 months later they called us that they had an apartment available and to our surprise when we received the key it was apartment #7, the newest one out of all of them. We were so happy and thankful. 

So what happened next? In a matter of a week we packed the only things we had : a bed, a couch, our tv and our clothes. Thank you Jesus for humble beginnings because we failed to mention we lived on the third floor in our first apartment… Brutal, especially the nights when it was snowing and freezing outside and we had to take our groceries up 3 flights of stairs. Just thinking about it is painful. We remember we had to rent a U-Haul truck. This may seem insignificant, but the process of renting a truck, moving it across town to the school, unloading our furniture, was a little intimidating. This was our first time doing anything like this, but we did it all in one day. By evening time, we had moved in. Our moms were coming to town to celebrate Mother’s Day with us, so it worked out perfect. We were able to set up our apartment and get it ready for their visit. Despite the way it looked and smelled we were able to make it feel like home. We received many compliments on how we managed to decorate our place. We felt right at home!

Through every process, we can always get something out of it. We can always learn. So much happens in our lives that we sometimes miss a life-lesson. We could have easily been discouraged when they told us about the two year wait. But we believed that God would come through. We dared God to make a way. And He did. What would you do if you walked into an apartment that didn’t look so good and so modern? Would you immediately dismiss it and move on to look for something different? We could have easily done that. However, we felt that this was the best place for us. In the beginning it seemed there was no hope, but we took on the challenge and tried to make the best out of this situation. Like we mentioned, we received so many compliments on our apartment. What people didn’t know is that most of that stuff was bought at a thrift store and/or Salvation Army. We maximized our situation with limited resources. What is something that you are praying for? We all have that “impossible prayer request”. Changing our perspective about something can change the outlook and ultimately the end result. Whatever it is that you are praying for, pray to God as if it is going to happen instead of asking God to make it happen. In other words, proclaim and declare your blessing, don’t ask for it. 

Mark 11:24 (NIV) says: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.



Scene 2



After our families helped us move, reality hit us. We were officially on our own. We sat in the little sofa we had in our living room to silence. I’ll be honest, it was different. We never really had our own place, so that first day was like a “what do we do with ourselves?”. We decided to take a trip to Branson, a nearby town about 45 minutes away from Springfield. It gave us something to do and not be stuck in our apartment being sad that our families were gone.


Saying goodbye to our parents for me was probably one the hardest things I had to do. Imagine growing up in one place with all the support from family and friends you grew up with and a church you call home. Then in a matter of hours your life completely changes; no friends, no family and no home church. I think I cried the entire first week we were in Springfield and I'm not exaggerating. I never saw myself outside of Orlando, so it was a bit of a shock for me.


It wasn’t easy because in my case, I had a wife to take care of, be there for her, encourage her and try to make her feel good as much as possible, while dealing with my own fears of moving into a new city. I didn’t know what to expect with school. The great thing about God is that we can speak to him as a friend as if he was in front of us. I remember praying to God and telling him how I felt exactly. How scared I was. It is never easy when you are faced with uncertainties and in a new place.


My poor husband got the worst of my emotions. I remember my crying would lead me to moments of anger. Since I had no one else to talk to I would vent to Kevin. I probably sounded like a broken record to him, repeating myself over and over again. Often I would ask him if he was human because I never saw him cry through the process. As time went on I realized he was just being a great husband. He hid his feelings to be the strength for me when I was most weak.


I applied at every possible business you can think of including McDonalds, Walgreens, BK, Taco Bell..etc, you get the point! And still would not get any calls. Yes, we trusted the Lord, but we are also humans. We began to have doubts. We wondered why the process was so challenging despite our obedience.


After what seemed like forever, I received a call back from a job that I applied to; The Assemblies of God Headquarters. God's timing is perfect. We had saved just enough money to get us through the two months of not having an income. But, let me just give a shout out to our amazing parents that always provided us with great care packages. It’s the best part of living away. At this time, Kevin still had not found a job, but as his wife I did not want that to distract him from his studies. I began working full-time and tried my best to be his support in this new season of being married and as a college student.


After a year later of searching, I FINALLY found a job. But let me tell you, during the process of searching for one, I became desperate. As newlyweds, often the husband’s job is to be the provider. I knew I had to provide for my wife and not rely solely on her income. I asked God to bless me with the perfect job. A job that would give me the flexibility that would work with my school schedule. And He did. I got a job as a school bus driver for the city of Springfield with a perfect schedule.

So what did we learn through this process? We quickly learned that God’s timing is not our timing. In the midsts of worrying, looking for a job, we believe God used that season for us to grieve together what we left behind, grow closer to each other as newlyweds and learn to depend on God. If you are single, or married, no matter what stage in life you are in, you will face moments like these at some point in time. Learn to depend on God. God is the main source for everything you need. Sometimes God will put you in a process that you will not understand. Our job is to not question him, but to trust him through the process. God sees what we don’t see. He uses certain things to mold our character and to work with our hearts and our relationship with Him. We believe that is exactly what He did with us. I’ll leave you with this verse: Isaiah 41:13 “For I hold you by your right hand. I, The Lord your God. And I say to you, don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” 


Be encouraged this week! God bless you!


Scene 1

IMG_0154 (16).JPG

Hello everyone, welcome to 'Behind Our Scenes'! Our names are Kevin and Tiffany! We have been married for 5 years going on 6 in February. Our story is not the typical story for most couples and we realized the truth of that the first few months of our marriage. We decided to start this blog because we all have a story to tell. As a couple we wanted to share our story and experiences with you with hope that you will be touched. We can all learn from each other and be the best version of ourselves individually and in our marriages.

We met in August of 2008 and ever since then we never stopped talking. Literally. We dated for two years and on December of 2010, on a cold Christmas morning in Paris, France in front of family, we got engaged in the Eiffel Tower. We took the entire year of 2011 to plan a wedding while we were both working full-time jobs and studying. It was extremely difficult balancing  school, work and planning a wedding. That was our journey the months ahead. We finally tied the knot, on February 25, 2012.

Most couples get married and move into their own home and create the story of their life. Even though that sounds ideal, and we desired that for our lives, we felt God calling us to Missouri. We chose to sacrifice our own space and live with both sets of parents till we awaited our move. We are forever thankful for the generosity of our parents, but we cannot say it was not a challenge. These were very difficult days, weeks and months for a young newlywed couple to face. As we prepared ourselves for this move we never truly knew the journey God would take us on. We knew this was the right move, but we would often have fear. Fear of how things would go, where we would live and fear of not finding a job. When you say yes to God, in some form of truth, you think everything should be perfect and that God will make the transition seamless. Well, reality sank in very quickly for us as we arrived to what felt like a new territory.

We're going to leave it right here, because next week we will dive in deeper and take a look at how exactly we survived the next few months and years ahead. We hope you enjoyed this post. We trust that you will not only get to know us, but that you will somehow relate to any of our emotions and experiences and be touched and be able to move forward in life in a positive way. Until next time!