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Hello everyone, welcome to 'Behind Our Scenes'! Our names are Kevin and Tiffany! We have been married for 5 years going on 6 in February. Our story is not the typical story for most couples and we realized the truth of that the first few months of our marriage. We decided to start this blog because we all have a story to tell. As a couple we wanted to share our story and experiences with you with hope that you will be touched. We can all learn from each other and be the best version of ourselves individually and in our marriages.

We met in August of 2008 and ever since then we never stopped talking. Literally. We dated for two years and on December of 2010, on a cold Christmas morning in Paris, France in front of family, we got engaged in the Eiffel Tower. We took the entire year of 2011 to plan a wedding while we were both working full-time jobs and studying. It was extremely difficult balancing  school, work and planning a wedding. That was our journey the months ahead. We finally tied the knot, on February 25, 2012.

Most couples get married and move into their own home and create the story of their life. Even though that sounds ideal, and we desired that for our lives, we felt God calling us to Missouri. We chose to sacrifice our own space and live with both sets of parents till we awaited our move. We are forever thankful for the generosity of our parents, but we cannot say it was not a challenge. These were very difficult days, weeks and months for a young newlywed couple to face. As we prepared ourselves for this move we never truly knew the journey God would take us on. We knew this was the right move, but we would often have fear. Fear of how things would go, where we would live and fear of not finding a job. When you say yes to God, in some form of truth, you think everything should be perfect and that God will make the transition seamless. Well, reality sank in very quickly for us as we arrived to what felt like a new territory.

We're going to leave it right here, because next week we will dive in deeper and take a look at how exactly we survived the next few months and years ahead. We hope you enjoyed this post. We trust that you will not only get to know us, but that you will somehow relate to any of our emotions and experiences and be touched and be able to move forward in life in a positive way. Until next time!