Change Your Perspective

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Let me bring you up to date! Our last post shared our experience from Florida to Missouri in 2012. Keep reading for today’s post!

So let us explain our living situation in Springfield a little more in depth. When we felt God call us to move in November of 2011, we took a trip to visit the school and we knew our best option for housing would be the school apartments for married couples on campus. We put our names on the waiting list and they told us it could take up to two years for our names to reach the top. They gave us a tour of one of the apartments and it so happens that the tour guide lived in the apartment that was shown to us. As we walked inside the 500 square foot, one bedroom apartment with yellowish walls, dim lighting, a small kitchen with dark wooden cabinets, we were a little shocked. We remember the bath tub was chipping paint, it seemed it had been painted by hand a few times. The shower head was detached from the wall. We remember it had a particular smell…like an old library. As we exited the apartment, the tour guide informed us that particular apartment #7 was the only renovated aparment, mind you the building was built in the 70s. It definitely wasn’t our dream place as newlyweds. However, we both looked at each other and said lets pray God gives us #7. I couldn’t imagine what the other apartments conditions were like. Let’s face it, we were newlyweds, living off-campus with a high rent, 6 months away from moving, what were the odds of us getting that newly renovated apartment at the school? The rent at the school was $300 a month with everything included. We couldn’t let that pass by. Once again, we put this situation in prayer and 8 months later they called us that they had an apartment available and to our surprise when we received the key it was apartment #7, the newest one out of all of them. We were so happy and thankful. 

So what happened next? In a matter of a week we packed the only things we had : a bed, a couch, our tv and our clothes. Thank you Jesus for humble beginnings because we failed to mention we lived on the third floor in our first apartment… Brutal, especially the nights when it was snowing and freezing outside and we had to take our groceries up 3 flights of stairs. Just thinking about it is painful. We remember we had to rent a U-Haul truck. This may seem insignificant, but the process of renting a truck, moving it across town to the school, unloading our furniture, was a little intimidating. This was our first time doing anything like this, but we did it all in one day. By evening time, we had moved in. Our moms were coming to town to celebrate Mother’s Day with us, so it worked out perfect. We were able to set up our apartment and get it ready for their visit. Despite the way it looked and smelled we were able to make it feel like home. We received many compliments on how we managed to decorate our place. We felt right at home!

Through every process, we can always get something out of it. We can always learn. So much happens in our lives that we sometimes miss a life-lesson. We could have easily been discouraged when they told us about the two year wait. But we believed that God would come through. We dared God to make a way. And He did. What would you do if you walked into an apartment that didn’t look so good and so modern? Would you immediately dismiss it and move on to look for something different? We could have easily done that. However, we felt that this was the best place for us. In the beginning it seemed there was no hope, but we took on the challenge and tried to make the best out of this situation. Like we mentioned, we received so many compliments on our apartment. What people didn’t know is that most of that stuff was bought at a thrift store and/or Salvation Army. We maximized our situation with limited resources. What is something that you are praying for? We all have that “impossible prayer request”. Changing our perspective about something can change the outlook and ultimately the end result. Whatever it is that you are praying for, pray to God as if it is going to happen instead of asking God to make it happen. In other words, proclaim and declare your blessing, don’t ask for it. 

Mark 11:24 (NIV) says: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.