The Value of Money For Newlyweds


We quickly realized the comfortable lifestyle we once had before we were married was not going to be our reality in this season. Truth is when two worlds come together as one; things have to change. Change is not always fun, but it’s necessary. Living in a new state, college and new jobs with pay cuts were new challenges we had to face as a young couple.


Many times, we found ourselves low on money for serval reasons. Being transparent, we can say we weren’t used to living on a budget for two! As individuals, we all have essential needs. The question is where is the line drawn? Well, we drew that line pretty fast when we saw our money disappear faster than it came in. Prayer and budgeting tools helped us align our finances. We had to accept that although we were in a season of preparation and change in Missouri we had to adult and be responsible. Shopping at thrift stores became a normal, date night consisted of Tuesday night’s $1.50 movies at the theatre and eating out less in the week days.


Our lives shifted so much from when we lived in Orlando, but although we weren’t making a lot of money in Missouri God made a dollar go a long way once we changed our ways. We did more traveling in the Midwest than we ever thought with the little money we were making. We never once went hungry, bills were always on time and tithing was never a question.


When you put God at the center of everything in your life, including your finances, what seems impossible, God makes it possible. It may seem like an obvious lesson, but when you find yourself at your last dollar, you question if you’re being a good steward of your money and believe it or not, the way you handle your finances is a way of you honoring God. Despite the circumstances we went through, we would never change anything about it because it taught us how to make the most of what God put in our hands. 


Is there an area in your life that you’re not being a good steward of? It doesn’t have to be finances, it could be anything. We challenge you to present it to God and ask him to shift things and teach you how manage whatever that THING is. Almost six years married we still don’t have everything figured out in life because we change and evolve daily, and our circumstance change as well. It’s about adjusting and being consistent with wanting to always be better.


We commit to stand in the gap for you and pray God helps you with whatever area in your life needs alignment.