You Still Got Time!


We are less than 10 days from the month of March. How are we still doing on our New Year’s resolutions? Did we forget about them already? Let’s be honest, usually the month of January is a trial month. February is usually when we take it more serious. For others, they realized the commitment was too hard so they figured it was easier to give up.

If you’ve set resolutions and goals this year and you feel like you are not really being committed to it, don’t give up. We all have new things we want to work on. We’ve learned to tackle life one day at a time. It’s much easier to invest all your time and energy on today rather than being disappointed about what you did or didn’t do a few days, weeks or months ago. We’ve been there before. The point is not how many days in a row you can do something. The important thing is to be CONSISTENT. You were probably eating healthy all week long, then you found yourself in someone’s party or you went to the mall, and you couldn’t resist that ice-cream because it just looked so good (we know what that feels like, we’ve been guilty of that many times before). 

Maybe your resolution was not being more healthy. It was probably being more productive or maybe it was being a better friend, husband, wife, relative. Whatever it was, don’t give up on it. Keep working on it. The more you work on it and invest time on it, you will see the difference. Of course we are going to have days where we are going to fail because we are not perfect. God gave us the gift of having 24 hours in a day. If you didn’t have a good day, it’s ok. Learn from it and make it a better day tomorrow. The enemy sometimes tries to distract us from our goals by trying to play games with our minds. 

Something we’ve been trying to be better at is putting everything on schedule, so we can be intentional about our time. We try to take a few minutes on Sunday or Monday to plan out our entire week. We encourage you to keep working on your goal. You still got time!