Know Your Role


Saying "I do" is more than loving the person physically and emotionally. There is power in that commitment. It is loving them and supporting them through every season in life.

Kevin - I always had the desire to go to school and prepare myself. I enrolled in two different schools in Orlando but it never worked out for whatever reason. At the time, I didn’t understand why, so it was disappointing. I began to work full-time. When Tiffany and I started talking about getting married, our first intention was to get married and continue working. It seemed like the right and obvious thing to do, but school was still in my heart. That's when we decided to sit down and have a conversation about our future. I expressed to her that I felt God was calling me to go to school. Tiffany was already enrolled in school finishing her BA.

Tiffany – I was one semester shy of graduation when I got married, spring 2012. I was so excited to graduate with my BA and continue my master’s degree. Kevin and I had agreed to this plan as he would continue working full-time and I would finally accomplish the dream of finishing school since I had put my education to the side for a while. I remember getting invited to a women’s conference in the fall of 2011. As it came to a close, a woman approached me and prayed for me. As she prayed, she revealed seeing me study in a different state and that God would lead me on this journey. Talk about being confused…Why would I study in another state if I was currently enrolled in school? My thoughts exactly! I never shared this with Kevin because I did not know what it meant. Months later, Kevin shared with me a desire to go study in another state…The word I received was for us as a couple not just me! I’m so thankful for the detailed-God we serve!

Kevin - Moving away taught me so many things, but among them was supporting each other. While enrolled in school full-time and working part-time, Tiffany had a lot of alone time. After a while, this can get tough. The only time we had for each other was after 5pm if I didn’t have any school related activities that particular evening. I have to say that through my school journey, what really helped me get through it was the support of my wife and I am grateful for that. It was her constant encouragement that gave me strength. I tried to involve her as much as I could with my school projects. Without any hesitation she supported me.

Tiffany- Our original plans changed in a matter of weeks. We had decided Kevin would study in a university located in the mid-west. As his wife, I felt the responsibility to support my husband’s dreams. Although I was excited for him and the new changes for our life, I still had to deal with my own dreams and goals. I was going to put my plans aside to support my husband’s four-year college degree. This wasn’t the easiest thing to accept for me, but it was necessary to show my spouse I would support him in anything he desired to accomplish. We decided to take turns with school. Once we moved, he became the student and I would be his study buddy! Some days were harder than others since I saw many of my friends in my cohort continue their education. It seemed like everyone was doing what I had hoped to do, but God always comforted me during those days. He would remind me of the blessing I could be to my husband during this new season. We only had each other, and I wanted my husband to thrive in his dreams. My greatest job was supporting him.

Do you and/or your spouse have goals and dreams? One of the best things to do is to sit down with one another, or go get ice cream together (our favorite date night) and talk about those dreams and goals. There is nothing better in life than two people willing to support each other. In life, seasons are always changing. So we have to always adapt to them. And part of adapting to a situation is knowing how we can be our spouses’s biggest supporters. To be honest, we struggled understanding this in the beginning. God helped us through it. It's an amazing thing when we can support each other's dreams. It makes life much more enjoyable and happier. That's why we can call each other best friends.