Does Your Marriage Have A Vision?

Hi Beauties!

Today I wanted to talk about the vision of your marriage. It may seem like an odd topic because most often we have visions about our careers, rather than our marriage.  Although it’s not a common topic, it’s one I encourage you and your spouse to start exploring. I must be honest, Kevin and I just recently began to truly define what we believe is our vision for our marriage. We began to pray for clarity and purpose and we came up with a few steps that helped us cultivate the idea of our purpose.

The first step is working on YOURSELF!

This must be one of the hardest and most painful things an individual can do. I took the brave step of going to therapy some years ago to work on my fears, my perfectionism and my self-esteem. The more I learned about myself the more I realized there are things we as humans choose to disassociate ourselves from in our lives. Facing fears and confronting our past brings healing and helps us find the beauty of our imperfections. Most of all we learn to love ourselves with no limits. This step opens the door for you to love your spouse unconditionally. If we cannot love ourselves it will make it extremely difficult to love others.

The second step is finding your purpose as a WIFE!

Once we as women find what we are passionate for, it helps you find confidence in your role as a wife. What do you desire to bring to the table in your marriage? How can your skills and qualities bless your husband? It’s so easy to get lost in other people’s dreams, even our husbands dreams. Find what makes you happy and don’t expect to find your happiness through your husband. Prayer gives us the strength to be the wife our husbands need, and we learn to be intentional with the gifts God placed in our hands. A wise friend once told me that I had every skill to accomplish whatever God has called me for in life. Being a wife or a mother is a beautiful gift that God has already qualified you for. 

The Third step is EXECUTE!

The bible says that two shall become one flesh. Now that you both have worked on yourselves as individuals it’s time to unite and define your visions. Kevin and I had separate passions until one day we realized what God did in our marriage was not just for our benefit, but to help others. We became extremely passionate with a vision of helping couples overcome trials while never stopping love for each other. Vision boards and intentional prayer is part of our everyday. Anticipating the things in life we long for, knowing God is at the center of our vision of our marriage brings excitement! 

Go and celebrate the vision God has for your marriage. Don’t doubt what God has already equipped your marriage for! 

Tiffany Gonzalez