Does Your Marriage Have A Vision?

What is your purpose for your marriage? Some of us dive in into relationships and marriages without any purpose or vision. I’m not saying is a bad thing, but having a vision for your marriage can really help you. Tiffany and I never had a clear vision for our marriage until one day we realized in order for us to be better for each other and carry out our purpose, we needed to have some sort of direction. Today we will share a few points that we think will help you start your vision for your marriage.

Work on Yourself

If you don’t spend time working on yourself then it will be hard to love your partner and understand your partner. Why is this so important? Because we were all raised differently. We all have different ways of expressing different emotions. The way we think may not be the way our partner thinks. This may cause disagreements because you’re both trying to understand each other from your own point of view. Patience is key. Things will not improve overnight, but taking a step forward can make all the difference. I knew that I needed to work on myself, so I decided to go to counseling. This really opened my eyes. I began to understand myself better and love myself more and also be able to work in the areas that I needed to improve on, so I could become a better giver to my wife. We believe if you truly work in yourself to understand the way you think, react, behave and say, this will help you become not just a better you, but a better husband. 

Find Your Purpose

The role that us, husbands, play in our marriage is key. The Bible says, “But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.” —1 Corinthians 11:3

We must realize that we are The Leaders of our home. Working hard and being a provider is not enough. As husbands we must be a leader in our home. A SPIRITUAL LEADER. If we are not connected to our main source, which is God, then somewhere along the line things will get shaky. Having a strong foundation spiritually sets the tone for everything else. Take time to pray with and for your wife. Before bed, take some time to read the Bible together, discuss what you read, and pray together. By doing this you are improving communication skills and strengthening your prayer life. Love your wife unconditionally and serve her. Once you have a clear understanding of your role as a husband, then it becomes easier for the two of you to come together and live out your purpose as a couple. The very thing that was going to break your marriage can be the very thing that God uses to carry out His purpose for your marriage. 


Now that you both have worked on each other, and have a clear understanding on what your purpose is, it is timer to execute. After Tiffany and I took time to work on ourselves and talk about our vision, goals, dreams and expectations, we decided to invest our energy and our passion towards our purpose. When times get hard, remember what your purpose is. Speak life into your own dreams. Support each other’s passions and desires. Celebrate what you both have accomplish so far and let that drive you to be even greater things. After many years of healing, and working on ourselves, we realized that one of our purposes as a married couple was to help other couples. We have become so passionate about this. We want to share all that we can to help marriages address things much earlier than we did. We know if God did a miracle in our life, He can do the same to yours. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it will only succeed as long as you put in work. There is no greater accomplishment in life than the two of you coming together to live your life to the fullest according to God’s will. 

Kevin Gonzalez